Outreachy round 13 – Linux Kernel

Hello there!

This blog will be all about my experience on Outreachy round 13. As the tittle suggests, I was accepted at Linux Kernel šŸ™‚

Please allow me to tell a small background story.

This year I started using an OS with Linux kernel as my main; Ubuntu was my choice, I know I shouldn’t talk about it openly, but the large community, it was too appealing – in my defense, I plan on trying Arch Linux during summer vacations, when I’ll have time to fix things I break during the transition. Anyway, the high customizable system I found was a new world I wanted to explore, still do.

This same year I was introduced to Open Source, by programming things I used a lot of open source projects – mostly Python with many of its modules and a lot of useful scripts from kind people around the globe. But using and not contributing feels wrong and scales poorly, so I wanted to give back to the community.

Then I heard about Outreachy, it immediately caught my attention, was the perfect opportunity to dive deeper in and contribute to open source projects. Fedora, Debian and Linux Kernel attracted me the most, and I decided to dedicate my time to Linux Kernel.

Many patches later, followed by their v2, v3, and so on, I was assigned to nftables, won’t extend myself about the project here, a new post is needed for this purpose, but I’m very happy to work on it.


That’s how I feel right now, see you next time!


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